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PediaSure® Overview

One of the most crucial phases of a child’s growing years is up to 6years of age. During this period, children undergo a significant increase in physical and mental development. Your child’s fussy eating may lead to nutritional gaps which may affect their growth. One of the key factors for Ideal growth and development is adequate nutrition1,2. PediaSure® – Abbott’s hallmark brand is trusted by mothers in over 80 countries for providing adequate nutrition for their children**


PediaSure® is a nutritional supplement that provides complete, balanced nutrition for children 2 years & above– those special years of rapid growth and development. When consumed in proper amounts, PediaSure® is scientifically formulated to provide 100% of the recommended dietary allowance for Macro nutrients (Carbohydrates, proteins & fats) & micronutrients (Vitamins & Minerals) that are required for growth and development3.  PediaSure® also contains FOS(fructo oligo sachharides) which is a prebiotics & Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus acidophillus  which are  probiotics to support immunity. Formulated with 37 nutrients, PediaSure® is scientifically shown to help increase height and weight, reduce chances of infection & sick days*,4.

PediaSure® also contains nutrients such as Taurine, Choline and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to help support brain development.


** Children at nutrition risk

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*Less infection refers to less chance /incidence of upper respiratory tract infection. Depiction of growth. Growth here implies to weight and height. Results may vary in children at nutritional risk given nutritional counseling with or without nutritional supplementation for 90 days. 1)Alarcon P. Clin Pediatr.2003;42:209-217 ( ONS group consuming 40 mL/kg/day of PediaSure in addition to a normal diet) and 2)Shaikh I. Malaysian Journal of Nutrition, Vol 21, Suppl, Jan 2015. Pg S81 (Among children with upper respiratory infections).